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Ice Images | Websites, Development, Maintenance, E-Commerce
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Web: Creating an e-image for your company.

Web Websites have become the easiest, most contemporary and economical way to market your business or services. Sometimes it becomes difficult to keep up with all the trends, options and technology available.

Ice Images make it simple for you. We clear the through the clutter and customise a site for you, taking your needs, your budget and your objectives into consideration. We develop dynamic, cost effective, and easy to use websites for companies of all sizes

We offer web solutions including websites, e-mail templates, promotions, monthly newsletters as well as constant upgrading, programming and maintenance.

We offer you the opportunity to update and customise your own site in the comfort of your own office

Website types on offer are:

Content Managed Systems (CMS)
The structure of the website as well as a backend management system is designed by Ice Images. The client can then make changes or update their site at their discretion. The look of the site is custom designed for you so that you are not limited to a fixed layout and system. You then can add pages, content, images, links to documents, videos and flash files. As the website owner, you can easily edit most areas of your website on your own. Some companies or organisations would like the functionality of a CMS but cannot properly maintain one, in these cases, Ice Images can facilitate all changes and updates with them (see Website Maintenance)
Where design and updates / modifications to website are done by Ice Images. generally a 'once-off' idea where the client does not envision many updates and merely requires an online presence.
If you want to sell your product or service online, we will facilitate the collaboration of your portfolio and a payment gateway. We can create your online store and get your business rolling.
Product Catalog
If you want to show your wares on this infinite canvas, we can design your product catalogue on a custom designed website so that an audience of millions can be enticed by your product or service.
Functional/Operational Designed System
Allowing your web to work for you. For those companies who need web presence for more than just marketing, we create a Web interface to facilitate the operational needs of your business. Do you need your customers to interact with you? Perhaps they need to register or submit documentation. We design an application that can be accessed and used from almost any computer and can run your business.
Event Calendar
Want to market your appearances or alert your customers to forthcoming events? We will custom design a calendar format for you that can be seen by your audience as a day, week, month or listed view.
Photo Albums
On line photo albums turn the big wide world into a global village. As immigration and hectic schedules separate family, friends and colleagues, these albums allow people to keep track of others. Watch children grow up, share in celebrations or catch up on office politics using this visual and colourful form of communication.
Website Maintenance:
If you have an ongoing need for regular website maintenance but no time or desire to do it yourself, Ice Images can take care of your website on an ad hoc "pay as you go" basis or on a retainer.
Maintenance of your website can include adding, removing, or editing text and graphics, uploading pictures or documents, updating news or calendar events and modifying products in your on-line store.
If your company or organisation would like the functionality of a Content Managed System but cannot properly maintain one, Ice Images can facilitate all changes and updates for you.
As opposed to the 'Internet', an 'Intranet' is a website which has exclusive access for the employees of a particular company or members of a certain group.

Web Add-ons

E-Mailers - Stationery for the 21st century
An essential way of communicating in the digital age, Ice Images offers you e-solutions for all your business or private needs. E-mailers are an economical, visual, reliable and easy mode of transferring information to a select group.
We can create or adapt your: Brochures, Catalogues, Letterheads or Current Promotions

Please contact us for a free consultation or quote.

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Ice Images | Websites, Development, Maintenance, E-Commerce
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